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Web Capture not capture full page

Q: I'm trying to capture a web page that scrolls vertically with screen capture software - ACA Capture Pro, but I do it cuts the page off at my window size and doesn't scroll to capture the entire page. I get either a blacked out section of the image OR it cuts the page in half. Example URL:

To do this, I click the right mouse button on on the page and select ACA Capture Pro | Capture Web Page to Image.

What shall I do?


Some web page includes the W3C reference and it has disabled the auto-scroll feature. There is a way to solve this problem.

  1. Save the web page to local folder
    1. Open the URL on Internet Explorer
    2. Click on menu File -> Save As
    3. Input a file name(the default name is "Apple - Support"). Choose "Web Page, complete(*.htm,*.html)" on "Save as type" ComboBox, as it is shown in the figure 1.
    4. Figure 1

  2. Edit the saved HTML page file
    1. Open the saved HTML page file - "Apple - Support.htm" with Windows Notepad, then delele the first two lines codes:

    2. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">
      <!-- saved from url=(0029) -->

      as it is shown in the figure 2

      Figure 2

    3. Click on menu File -> Save. Close Notepad.
  3. Capture the web page
    1. Open the modified HTML page - "Apple - Support.htm" with Internet Explorer
    2. Click the right mouse button and select menu item ACA Capture Pro -> Capture Web Page to Image.... The result is shown in the figure 3.
    3. Click for large preview

      Figure 3: Click for large preview

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