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ACASystems FAQ

  • The Products FAQ
    1. The FAQs of ACA Capture Pro
    2. The FAQs of ACA WebThumb ActiveX
    3. The FAQs of ACA Screen Recorder
    4. The FAQs of ACA Audio Recorder
    5. The FAQs of ACA Color Picker
    6. The FAQs of ACA 80x15 Brilliant Button Maker

  • I encounter a problem with ACASystems products, I don't find answer to my question on the list above. What shall I do?

    Please click here to leave a message, include (at least) the following information:

    1. Your operating system, for example Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000.
    2. How much RAM your computer has installed (sometimes called "memory" but different from "hard disk space," something about which many novice users get understandably confused).
    3. Your computer's CPU and speed (for example, Pentium IV, 2GHZ).
    4. Your video card's manufacturer, color depth, driver version, and resolution. You can usually find this information by right-clicking the wallpaper area on your desktop, picking Properties, and then examining the tab that's called Settings. A typical setting might report, "1024 X 768" with the color drop-down listing, "True Color."
    5. A concise description of the problem and exactly what you did to get it to happen. If you can get it to repeat at will, please give us every step from beginning until the end, that will help us replicate your problem. Explain it so we can re-create it here, and we'll do our best to find out what causes it and get back to you with a possible solution

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