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FAQ - Technical Problems of ACA Capture Pro

Capture Screen

  1. How to capture image from a movie(Media Player, RealPlayer/RealOne, DVD etc.) or a game screen?
  2. My screen capture graphics files are of bad quality (extra dots, "gray cast" etc.), What shall I do?

Record Screen

  1. How to record audio and video from your screen using ACA Capture Pro?
  2. How to re-record other video files playing on the screen(from RealPlayer, MediaPlayer or QuickTime)?
  3. How to record audio when ACA Capture Pro is recording video?
  4. I recorded an AVI file, how to play it on the web page?

Capture web pages, Flash and web images

  1. How to capture pages longer then the screen (using Auto-scroll feature)?
  2. I'm trying to capture a web page that scrolls vertically, but I do it cuts the page off at my window size and doesn't scroll to capture the entire page. I get either a blacked out section of the image OR it cuts the page in half. What shall I do?

FAQ - Installation, license and startup issues

  1. Why ACA Capture Pro 4 or 5 does not accept my ver. 3 license key?
  2. Your license covers the version or versions of the software as specified at the time you received it. All versions of the same "master" number (the number before the first dot, for example, 4.0, 4.11, 4.3, 4.31, --all 4. anything) are covered by your license. If you download and install a "point" release and need a new license key because of changes to the program, please contact . We'll provide you with a free upgrade to the "point" release. In most cases your older license will still work, without a need to re-issue a new key. With a major software upgrade, when the main version number is incremented (for example, from 4.31 to 5.00), you will be expected to pay a small upgrade fee, usually 50% or less of a new license purchase.

    To purchase the upgrade license, click here.

  3. How to enter ACA Capture Pro license, which I received by email? Or will you send me a CD with a fully licensed copy of ACA Capture Pro?
  4. The "registered" copy of ACA Capture Pro is the same one that you use for evaluation. You only need to enter your license key(Registration number) into it to convert it to a fully functional copy. This method of selling has an advantage for you: if we release a newer version 4(for example, you have version 4.21 and we release 4.30) you may upgrade for free by simply downloading the newer one and installing it over the old ver 4.21.

    If we sent the full version on CDs, we would not be able to ship you a new CD with each program update.

  5. I purchased a license and recevied the Registration-Number. After I input the numbers, I get an error: "Incomplete or incorrect Registration-Number. Please input again!" What shall I do?
  6. All registration-Number has been verified before sent. If you meet this problem, please do following steps:

    1. Download the newest version of ACA Capture Pro from ACASystems download center.
    2. Input the registration-number carefully. We suggest that you use the Copy/Paste method to complete the input.

    More information about ACA Capture Pro activation, click here.

  7. How to make ACA Capture Pro always start (or auto-start) minimized?
  8. Please do following steps:

    1. Select "Tools->Options" menu from ACA Capture Pro window.
    2. Click on "Capture" tab.
    3. You can turn of or off the following options there:
      • Start as a minimized icon
      • Auto load ACA Capture when Windows starts
    4. Click on "OK" button to close the options dialog.

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