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ACA Capture Pro vs. the Print Screen Key

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Back in the DOS days, the Print Screen key was the only way to make any kind of screen capture. You hit the key, and your screen was sent to the printer. With the advent of Windows, this key's function changed to allow graphics capture, and hitting the key now copies the current screen to your clipboard, which you have to open from the applications menu, Copy, then Paste into another paint program.

Fortunately, we've moved beyond these primitive screen capture methods. ACA Capture Pro offers unprecedented control over every aspect of the screen capture process. Take screenshots of anything on your screen; send it directly to the application, to file, to the office documetns, to the clipboard, or e-mail it. Flexible, powerful, and affordable, ACA Capture Pro will provide opportunities that were unavailable with the old methods.

Let's compare - Here are just a few of ACA Capture Pro's advantages:

Content that can be captured ACA Capture Pro Print Screen key
Desktop Y Y
Window Y Y
Game screen Y  
Video screen Y  
Screen recorder(screencam) Y  
Region of the screen Y  
Object on the screen Y  
Scrolling windows Y  
Cascading menus Y  
All images from a web site Y  
All Flash from a web site Y  
Icon Y  
Features ACA Capture Pro Print Screen key
Timer capture Y  
Browse imagge Y  
Convert image Y  
Flash player Y  
  • ACA Capture Pro is more flexible than the Print Screen key.
  • Capture any portion of the screen with ACA Capture Pro, not just the desktop or a single window that the Print Screen key offers.

  • ACA Capture is more than just images
  • Capture icon from a file, a directory, or your whole harddisk; record movies of your computer activity or capture all of the graphics and Flash from a web site in just one step.

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