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Findmysoft review: ACA Capture Pro - Flexible screen capture software

Award from findmysoft

Reviewed by Frederick Barton ( editor) on Feb 14, 2012

Print screen software are nothing new nowadays. With so many similar software on the Internet, it's hard to stay on top or anywhere near. ACA Capture Pro is one such program that stands out in a crowd. You can use it for screen capturing in a large number of ways.

If it caught your attention, downloading the 4.68 package shouldn't take long regardless of any Internet connection. The installation process goes fast, so you can have the program ready to go in no time.

Download ACA Capture Pro

For Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000

The interface is impossible to get lost in. It has more than decent design with simple menus and most of the options you'll need can be found on the toolbar. The main part of the interface features a list with everything you capture. All files are placed in a virtual folder. What makes it really easy to get to them is the fact that they're all placed in separate sub-folders according to their type. Simple screenshots will be placed in the Images folder, videos in the Videos folder and so on. You can access them fast by making use of the navigation pane found left of the file list.

ACA Capture can easily replace any capturing programs due to its wide range of features. The buttons found on the toolbar allows you to simply capture the full screen, a certain window, tool tips, menus. You can also create screenshots by clicking and dragging a rectangle, ellipse or a round shape. Besides simple screenshots, you can use the program to record everything you do on your PC, capture web images or flash and you can also capture icons from executable files.

All these features can be accessed quickly, using the buttons on the toolbar. When they're clicked on, most of them will bring up a window with certain options, depending on what you want to capture, or they will simply show some basic instructions. For example, if you want to capture a menu, after you click the designated button, a window will show you an image with an example and step by step instructions and it will also display in bright red characters the hotkey you need to press. It may not seem like much, but the fact that the capturing buttons are all placed in separate groups on the toolbar can make things go very smoothly.


Regardless of what you need to capture, be it an image, video or others, ACA Captuer's interface makes things really comfortable.


There's nothing to complain about with this program.

With ACA Capture Pro, you can do any kind of capture, all from a single interface. There's no need to have a single software for each capturing type anymore.

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