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The Reviews of ACA Capture Pro

    The awards of ACA Capture Pro

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  • ACA Capture Pro - Flexible screen capture software

    Regardless of what you need to capture, be it an image, video or others, ACA Captuer's interface makes things really comfortable. With ACA Capture Pro, you can do any kind of capture, all from a single interface. There's no need to have a single software for each capturing type anymore. - US

  • If you write software manual or tour very often, you may need capture some screen shot. ACA Capture Pro is a good choice.

    I've tried many other capture software, most of them fails to capture game screen shot, all you get is a black picture. ACA Capture Pro won't let you down, it captures DirectX, Direct3D screen and windows media player as we. - US

  • This excellent utility captures just about anything from your computer screen

    In our tests, it did a good job of taking shots of full-screen games and recorded quality videos of all our onscreen manipulations. Importantly, the program manages not to slow your PC during captures. It has a convenient interface that you can access using configurable hot keys or through the menu that pops up when you click the Tray icon. ACA Capture Pro will help software distributors, people who write manuals for software, and support specialists in particular... - US

  • Great!
  • This is a great program to use if you want to capture a web page! you can edit them (right click and edit) to look different, if you only have ms paint (the default image editing program that comes with a computer) i would only recommend to change text, since you can't really add images very accurately with it. definitely use, whether for business or personal use!


  • Works beautifully!
  • Thanks for the help. Really love the program.I will be recommending it to my class (I teach Web design)...Thanks for the great program. Works beautifully. ----

    Kyle J. Snay - US

  • I find your product quite friendly.
  • I have used others, however I find your product quite friendly. The links to the office suites of Microsoft are also a rather nice feature. Keep up the nice work.

    Jack M Grath - US

  • It is very much appreciated!
  • We are not accustomed to service like this in the UK - it is very much appreciated! As an IT consultancy, we will strongly recommend your products.

    Laurie Glendenning - CTA Services Inc. UK

  • Thank you very much for not only your quick response but your flexibility to accommodate our needs.
  • Jon - New Zealand

  • I have never seen or heard a product like SuperCapture.
  • I have been using your SuperCapture for about a 3 weeks and I found your product really good.I have never seen or heard a product like SuperCapture. Kudos to the SuperCapture team.


  • I really enjoy your product
  • I'm sorry for any confusion I might have caused. With alittle harder work on my part I could have figured it out without bothering you. I really enjoy your product, so much that I purchased it last week. Thanks again.

    Robbin Harrison - US

  • Thanks for a very good product
  • I am writing a book on game programming, and I need to have screenshots...Thanks for a very good product.

    Sergio Perez - US

  • Once again, thank you very much for your follow up and I look forward to using your product and demonstrating it to my colleagues and business associates.
  • Robert Linderman - FrameAgency International, LLC. US

  • The program actually worked as advertised.
  • Gary Thomas - US

  • I love the SuperCapture program.
  • Wow, has it been since March.... I love the SuperCapture program...I looked through my sent file and I never did respond and thank you for that last copy that worked like a charm!! I really appreciated your working with me on that PII computer to get a version that worked!

    Dale R. Goodwin - US

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