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Which video compressor shall I select?

Last update: Feb 23, 2008

The Video compressor select box on the screen recording software ACA Screen Recorder allows you to select the CODEC, which is the program that will compress your pictures to make AVI files smaller and enable them to play faster, as it is shown in the figure below:

Select Video Compressor on ACA Screen Recorder

We recommend the Auto Select setting, which will select MS RLE compression for 8 bit color mode, Microsoft Video 1 compression for all higher color modes, and no compression for 4 bit color.

Please note that if you want to record AVI files in True Color mode (24 or 32 bit), the default Microsoft Video 1 compressor will still write them as 16 color bitmaps, losing some of the color resolution. You may experiment with some other video compressors that are installed on your system.

For recording in 16 bits per pixel (65536 colors mode), you could try using Intel Indeo Video codec, which will be about 10-20% faster in compressing, than MS Video 1, the "Auto-Select" choice of ACA Screen Recorder.

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